Talking About the Death of a Public Figure

Queen Elizabeth II

Telling a child someone has died is hard. When a famous person dies, it can feel just as difficult as losing a family member, friend, or a precious family pet. Sometimes the death of a public figure can reawaken feelings of grief for loved ones they’ve lost in the past.

Children experience loss differently and there’s no “right way” to grieve. Some may be very upset, while others seem indifferent or, alternatively, fascinated by it. They may experience a whole range of emotions and you can help them identify and understand how they are feeling to help them through this time. It’s also okay to not want to talk about it, and you’re there when they are ready to talk.

A natural part of life is learning to experience death, and every child at some point will face bereavement. While it’s impossible to shelter children from the loss, there are ways in which you help children cope and grieve.




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