Why is My Child Biting, and How Can I Stop It?

young child drawing and looking at camera

Reading time: 4 mins

Suitable for: Families of younger children. This may also be useful for families of children with communication challenges.

Biting is a common behaviour for young children in particular. They may bite other children, their siblings, or adults. This behaviour can be upsetting for everyone involved and might feel embarrassing if your child has bitten someone else's child, or a teacher or key worker.

Children bite as a way of communicating and expressing their feelings and needs. That's why, as they grow up, most outgrow biting as their speech and language develops. Some children, particularly those with communication challenges, may need your support to learn healthier ways to communicate.

So why do children bite?

Your child can be trying to express a whole range of feelings when they bite. While you want to stop this behaviour and help them find healthier ways to communicate their needs, you don't want to shut down the emotions they're feeling. Understanding why they are doing it is important.


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