Understand why your child gets angry and help them calm down

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Our 14-page eBook is crammed full of helpful support for parents and carers of children and teenagers.

What's inside...

1: Everyone feels angry sometimes

  • How our emotions work on a scale
  • Simple strategies you can use to help your child calm down when they feel angry or upset
  • Learn why anger is an important emotion
  • Helpful ideas to reduce big angry reactions when you ask your child to do something

2:  Why your child always seems angry

  • The triggers behind their anger
  • Healthy and unhealthy ways to manage angry feelings
  • Physical and emotional reasons behind anger

3: Supporting your child when they feel angry

  • How to recognise and talk about emotions
  • Ways to teach them healthier strategies for calming down
  • Spotting patterns in their behaviour by playing detective
  • Using journalling to find triggers and patterns over time
4: Helpful resources
  • Useful resources to find out more about anger and calming down strategies
  • Links to a podcast episode with an expert guest about anger
  • Video series about reducing confrontation between you and your child
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