You're speaking, but are your children even listening?

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Our 16-page eBook is crammed full of helpful support for parents and carers of children and teenagers.

What's inside...

1: How can I help my child listen to me?

  • Why your child might struggle to pay attention when you speak.
  • Ways to help them listen and remember what you say.
  • Finding the best times for talking.

2: What can I do when my child says no?

  • Using “this then that” to help them get things done straight away.
  • Find out why they might be refusing to do as you’ve asked.
  • What you can do if your child refuses to do something.

3: How can I reduce shouting?

  • How to recognise how you’re feeling.
  • The importance of managing your own emotions to reduce conflict.
  • How to help your child calm down
  • Tips for respectful communication
4: Why don’t ultimatums work?
  • What ultimatums are and why we use them.
  • What you can do instead.
  • Helpful resources to support respectful communication.
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