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Our 30-page eBook is crammed full of helpful behaviour ideas and inspiration for parents and carers of 2-5-year-olds.

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What's inside...

1: How to understand the reasons behind your child’s behaviour

  • Simple strategies you can use to help them calm down when they feel angry or upset
  • Learn why behaviour is your child’s way of communicating

2: Ways to make mealtimes enjoyable for everyone

  • The secrets behind happy family mealtimes
  • How you can make mealtimes fun even for very young children
  • Simple ways to teach social skills and table manners

3: Strategies to build your child’s self esteem

  • How to boost your child’s confidence
  • Ways to encourage them to try new things
  • How to turn around their negative thoughts and doubts

4: Ways to support their language development

  • Activities to try at home to boost their language skills
  • Powerful ways to boost conversation skills
  • Techniques to build up speech and improve communication

5: Ideas for making first friendships

  • Simple ways you can teach social skills
  • Ideas if your child struggles to make friends
  • How to have great playdates

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