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Find patterns and triggers to make sense of your child’s behaviour and find helpful ideas to try with our free journal app. Your journal is completely confidential to you. We don’t offer prescriptions, just more ideas to consider to help you understand the reasons behind the behaviours you’re seeing.


Enjoy the benefits of journaling with all the advantages of our free app. Using the power of the My Family Journal, we can help you find and tackle the reasons behind the behaviour.


With so many benefits to journaling, why not start today? 

Find REASONS for 


Identify patterns over time

Understand why your child behaves this way

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  • Practical hints and tips
  • Professional ideas to try
  • Links to more information
  • Signposting useful support 


  • Sort children individually
  • Search by emotion
  • At a glance calendar view
  • Simple filter options
  • Download and share reports


  • Spot triggers for behaviour
  • Find ideas for challenges you face
  • See patterns over time
  • Quick and easy recording

Making the most of your journal

The process of writing, just for a few minutes each day, lets your brain organise the complex range of feelings and experiences you’re going through. 


Writing down your thoughts helps your mind and body let go, organise, process, and resolve uncomfortable feelings. And, when you identify the things causing you stress or anxiety, you can work on a plan to resolve the problem. It feels positive and lets you be proactive about challenging situations.  

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Record and reflect on your day

All of us worry. We worry about the future, the past and especially about our children. Write in your journal about anything that’s worrying you now — it can be big or small.


You could write about: 

  • The issue that’s playing on your mind or keeping you awake at night. 
  • Something you feel is negatively affecting your family’s life. 
  • Things you may have avoided talking to your child about. 

You might write about the same thing every day or something different each time. It is entirely up to you. There is no ‘right’ way to do journaling. 

How to use your journal

When you open the My Family Journal app, click on the reaction icon to tell us how you’re feeling. Then type a few words or sentences to describe a problem you’ve experienced, or to reflect on your day.  


We’ve created a wide range of suggestions to help you though all sorts of parenting problems. When you use one of our keywords, My Family Journal automatically adda helpful tip for you to click and read. You’ll often find a link to further support and information. 


Search the patterns and triggers for behaviour

My Journal makes things easy with simple ways to search and sort through your journal. 


Click on ‘My Entries’ for a list of all your entries. Choose the filter buttons at the top to refine your search by individual child, your mood, or behaviour keywords.  


The calendar button lets you view your entries on a monthly character. You can sort by individual children, mood, or keyword to quickly spot triggers and patterns for challenging behaviour.

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