How to Make a Successful Move to Secondary School

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Reading time: 6 mins 

Suitable for: Families of older primary-aged children and those starting secondary school

The move to secondary school is a big step in a child’s life. It can be really exciting for some children, but for others it can be quite a scary prospect. Some children may flourish, and some may struggle with the changes and need extra support. 

Secondary school offers greater independence for your child, and they start to feel more grown up. However, starting secondary school means a lot of new things to get used to all at once. Your child will have to get familiar with new surroundings, navigate a larger school, and having to move to different classrooms for each new lesson. As well as a lot of teachers to remember, they will also have new subjects and more homework to do.

Adapting to these changes, along with the physical changes of puberty, can make it a daunting time for your child 

As a parent or carer, it can be a nerve-racking time for you, too. You want your child to settle into their new school with no issues. While a lot of children respond well to the move and the changes, this isn't always the case. Some children need a bit more support.




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