How Can We Celebrate Neurodiversity? | Mica Coleman Jones

celebrating neurodivsity Mica Coleman Jones podcast

In this 2-part special, expert guest, Mica Jayne Coleman Jones, discusses how we can move from the concept of Neurodiversity to Neuroharmony.

In episode 1, Mica describes neurodiversity as a celebration of everyone and the various ways that people think and behave. Neuroharmony acknowledges how those who think differently can make a positive contribution to society.

Mica shares her personal experiences of autism and ADHD. She reflects on how to recognise potential triggers and suggests possible strategies to divert behaviours.

Mica is a senior trainer for Team Teach and director of The Happy Lighthouse, a training and consultancy company which is inspired by Lilya's Lighthouses created in memory of her autistic sister who died following treatment for leukaemia in 2019. Mica's previous roles include Specialist Provision Leader and Head of Autism Research and Development.

Mica recommends the book Meesha Makes Friends  by Tom Percival.

You can find Mica on Twitter, @mica__jayne via the website, www.thehappylighthouse and on Instagram, @the_happy_lighthouse

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