Anxiety & Behaviour | Jojo Aligwekwe

anxiety & behaviour

In this episode, expert guest, Josephine Aligwekwe, or Jojo as she prefers to be called, talks to Clare about anxiety and the impact that this has on the behaviour of children and young people.

Jojo is a qualified Integrative Counsellor, Neuro Linguistic Programming Master's Life Coach as well as a Convergence Psychotherapist in training. She runs an international virtual counselling platform called Talktojojo1st, a platform offering a safe & supportive space for children, youths and adults, where she draws on a wide range of approaches to tailor sessions uniquely to each clients specific needs. Jojo also lends her wealth of knowledge and expertise as an emotional intelligence facilitator at the Pan African University.

Jojo recommends a book called Overcoming Anxiety in Children & Teens by Jed Baker which is available here. She also recommends another book by Ann Cox called Helping Your Child with Worry and Anxiety. This book is available here.




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