Why Self-Care Matters When Things Feel Hard | Dr Pooky Knightsmith

Podcast episode featuring Pooky Knightsmith

Join our guest, Dr Pooky Knightsmith, as she discusses the importance of self-care and looking after yourself when you’re supporting a distressed child at home. Pooky explains the ‘window of tolerance’ and what you can do to manage when things feel hard to stay emotionally regulated all day, every day.

Pooky is autistic; a late diagnosis has helped her to thrive following many years of anorexia, depression, and anxiety. She has a PhD in child mental health from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. She is the author of several books and is a former chair of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition. Pooky is also a Director at Creative Education Limited and at Pooky Knightsmith Associates. 

You can find Pooky on Instagram: @pookyh, via the Patreon website: https://www.patreon.com/pookyh, and on YouTube: pookyknightsmith

Pooky recommends the book Thrive by Arianna Huffington.

Pooky also shares three tips during the episode:

1. Focus on sleep; both the quantity and the quality of sleep.

2. Find someone or something to offload to and share how you’re feeling.

3. Give yourself permission to laugh, both with your child and independently.

The My Family Coach podcasts covers every aspect of children’s behaviour, all in handy 15 minute (ish) bite-sized chunks. Each episode features a new guest chatting about a different aspect of behaviour and leaves you with three handy tips to use at home.


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