What If My Child Shows Signs of an Eating Disorder? | Kerri Fleming

podcast eating disorder with BEAT Kerri Fleming

In this episode, expert guest Kerri Fleming discusses the signs of eating disorders and what to do if you're concerned about your child's eating. Kerri provides clarity on what an eating disorder is, explains more about disordered eating, and talks about skills based caring.

Kerri is the Head of Safeguarding and Quality Assurance at Beat, the UK's charity for eating disorders. Kerri is also a registered mental health nurse, with over 8 years’ experience working with children and adolescents with eating disorders and their carers.

In the episode, Kerri recommends the book Skills-based Caring for a Loved One with an Eating Disorder by Janet Treasure.

You can find out more about Beat at beateatingdisorders.org

Kerri also shares three tips during the episode:

  1. Reach out for support, you’re not alone.
  2. Remember that you are the parent and you do know how to care for your child, regardless of what the eating disorder is saying/doing.
  3. Advocate for your loved one to make sure your child’s needs are met.

The My Family Coach podcasts covers every aspect of children’s behaviour, all in handy 15 minute (ish) bite-sized chunks. Each episode features a new guest chatting about a different aspect of behaviour and leaves you with three handy tips to use at home.


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