How Can I Help My Young Child Eat Well? | Melanie Pilcher

podcast helping your young child eat well with guest Melanie Pilcher

Join Melanie Pilcher from the Early Years Alliance as she discusses the importance of making healthy food choices for young children.

She shares ways to encourage your child to eat healthily, and how to overcome some of the challenges around getting them to eat well. Melanie makes the link between eating and behaviour, and suggests how to make food an enjoyable social experience.

Melanie has over 30 years' experience working in early years and has been Quality and Standards Manager at the Early Years Alliance for 15 years. They support early years providers to deliver quality, affordable and sustainable care and learning to families, and work to ensure that all children are given the best possible start in life.

Melanie's role is extremely fulfilling as she supports early years' educators to achieve and maintain the best possible outcomes for young children.

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Melanie recommends the book Food Refusal and Avoidant Eating in Children, a practical guide for parents and professionals by Dr Gillian Harris and Elizabeth Shea.

She also shares three tips during the episode:

  1. Be a good role model by sitting down, eating together, and having conversations without distractions.
  2. Avoid using food as a treat or reward for positive behaviour.
  3. Be aware of the correct portion sizes for your child - use the NHS website to check

The My Family Coach podcasts covers every aspect of children’s behaviour, all in handy 15 minute (ish) bite-sized chunks. Each episode features a new guest chatting about a different aspect of behaviour and leaves you with three handy tips to use at home.


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