What You Can Do If Your Child is Being Bullied

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Suitable for: Families of primary-age children

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There are lots of ways you can help your child with bullying.

Many children experience bullying, or show bullying behaviour to others. While it is a common problem, it’s not something you should ignore or accept as a normal part of life. 

Perhaps you’ve heard these common messages about bullying: 

  • “Everyone gets bullied at some point, it’s just a part of growing up.”
  • “You should ignore it and they’ll soon get bored.”
  • “It makes a man of you.”
  • “It never did me any harm.”
  • “You need to stand up for yourself.”
  • “It’s just banter/ teasing.” 

For a long time, bullying was dismissed as a natural stage of childhood but it can have a significant impact on children’s health and wellbeing and should always be taken seriously.




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