Supporting Your Child With Changes to Their Routine

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Reading time: 4 minutes

Suitable for: Parents with children of all ages

As parents and care-givers, most of us, most of the time, like things to be predictable. We like to know what’s coming. And we like things that stay the same. We want to be in our comfort zone.

However, life is not always like this. Changes, surprises, unpredictable and unexpected things do happen and can make us anxious. This is the same for children.

We have choices about how to respond when change happens, and this teaches our children how they might respond. It might not always feel like we have a choice, and that our children are learning from the behaviours that we show, but they are!

What we might see when things change

We can see all sort of responses from our children when they experience change to their normal routines. It might be a reluctance to do what is asked, to hide, go quiet, refuse, scream or try to hit out.

You can think of these behaviours as communication. Your child is showing your their feelings by how they're reacting.

What might your child be communicating through their behaviour?


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