4 Ways to Help Your Older Child Calm Down

older child calm down

Reading time: 3 minutes

Suitable for: Families of secondary-age children


It's not just young children who take a long time to calm down. When all of us get very upset or angry, we can't just snap back to being calm immediately.


Teenagers can find it particularly difficult during the emotional and physical changes of puberty. Often these emotions can feel overwhelming to them. 


Things that seem little to us can be huge to them. The more you understand why your child is feeling this way, the easier it is to step in before they feel out of control. 


When your child is very upset or angry, you want them to calm down as quickly as possible. But it’s important to look past the behaviour, to find out what it’s telling you. That helps you understand the triggers and plan for them. Often, just thinking about how we talk with our children can help. 




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