Helping Your Teen Cope When a Pet Dies

teen holding dog's paw

Reading Time: 4 mins  

Suitable for: Families of secondary-age children  

Children of all ages love their pets very much. For older children, they may be especially close to their pets and might not even remember a time in their life when their pet wasn’t around.

Unfortunately, for every child, there will come a time when a pet dies and they will experience the grief from that loss. For many teens, the grief of losing a pet is as real as losing a family member. The bereavement may hit them hard, and they appear inconsolable, alternatively they might not want to show their feelings and bottle them up inside. Or they may show more irritability and anger to mask the feelings of sadness.  

Grief is a process, and it will take time for your teen to adjust to a pet’s passing. But, when a pet dies, you can help your teenager with their bereavement. Here are 5 ways you can help them come to terms with the loss. 




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