Coping With Your Teenager Going to University

Gong to university

Reading time: 5 mins

Suitable for: Families of older secondary-aged children

It’s difficult to know how to parent your teenager as they become an adult and go to university. They want more freedom and independence. They feel ready to go out alone into the world. But you worry, they’re just not ready.

It can also feel like you’ve lost your child. You want them to grow and become an adult, but it can feel very hard to let them go.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

It’s a stressful time for your growing teenager, too. They have to make important decisions. Some will not have got the results they wanted and gone through Clearing to find other possible options. They have to organise accommodation, figure out transport, and find out everything they need to know about their course.

For many teenagers, going to university will be full of a lot of firsts too. It might be the first time they are:


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