Is My Child Naturally Naughty?

naturally naughty

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Suitable for: Families of primary-age children


Some children seem to be angelic, but you might feel your child is always being "naughty".

Every child misbehaves at times, and some do it more than others. As babies, our children learn how to get the attention of their caregivers; it’s a natural way to survive. 

Humans aren’t made to live in isolation. We all need to interact and socialise with others. Children need our attention — however they can get it. Some will show off their perfect behaviour for praise, others will use challenging behaviour to get our attention.


What's the problem with the word "naughty"?

Using words like “naughty” can be a problem as your child could start identifying as a “naughty child”. It can lead to them behaving badly because that’s the way they think of themselves. Being “bad” can become a part of their self-identity.


Why does my child scream?



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