Why Does Your Teen Feel Agitated?

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Suitable for: Families of secondary-age children

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When your child feels agitated, they have a feeling of intense restlessness, or edge and worked up inside. It’s a common feeling for both adults and children when we feel stressed or under pressure. 

Common reasons for children to feel agitated include:

When your teen is agitated, they are easily annoyed. The littlest thing may provoke them. Some older children particularly struggle with this through puberty.

At times, it will be obvious why your teen is agitated, such as in the lead up to a big exam or important sports fixture. At other times, you might not see why they feel agitated and will have to play detective to work out what might be wrong

If your child is feeling agitated, they may seem restless and unable to sit still. You might notice them chewing on their nails, tapping their feet, or displaying other repetitive movements, like pacing.



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