Why “Just Playing” is The Best Way to Learn

child playing in puddles

Suitable for: Families of younger children

Reading time: 4 mins

Read a primary-aged Quick Read about playing.

Play is powerful stuff. It gives us time to talk together, express emotions, share feelings and build strong family connections.

Children can learn a lot about the world through play. It helps them develop into strong, healthy, and independent individuals. They learn to share and take turns, deal with disappointment, and think creatively – all essential skills they’ll need as they grow up.

It’s important to keep learning fun at a young age. It’s about doing the things with them they like. It’s not necessarily about what toys and games they have. You don’t need to spend a fortune on lots of things for them to play with. Children can have just as much fun from playing outside. The National Trust has a brilliant article on how to have fun with sticks – so simple!



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