7 Ways to Help Your Teenager Start Work

starting work

Reading time: 4 minutes

Suitable for: Families of secondary-age children

There are lots of ways you can help your teenager start work.

Getting a first job is a huge milestone for them and a sign they’re growing up. While it can be a confidence boost for your child, being treated as an adult in the workplace can also feel daunting.

It’s often difficult for young people to find a job, even if they’re just looking for weekend work that fits around school. But you can support them through the highs and lows of the job search and their first day without having to do the hard work for them.


1: Finding a job

You want to help your teenager start work, but not do it for them. While you might help them polish their CV, read through their finished application form, and offer feedback, it doesn’t help if you do everything for them.



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