4 Energy Boosts for Your Exhausted Teen

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Reading time: 4 minutes

Suitable for: Families of secondary-age children


Are you struggling with an exhausted teen? We all have periods in our life when we feel tired, especially if we’ve been extremely busy or are in a stressful situation.

Children can feel exhausted, just like adults, when they’ve got too much going on. They can also struggle with the physical and emotional changes brought on by puberty.

But what about when that feeling lasts for longer and your teenager seems exhausted all the time?

There are lots of ways you can help your exhausted teen get a much-needed energy boost.


1: Healthy diet

An unhealthy diet can leave your child feeling sluggish and lacking their usual amount of energy. It’s important for children to get a balanced diet that includes enough fibre, protein, and all the vitamins and minerals they need. The NHS Live Well website has lots of information you can use to improve your child’s eating habits.




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