Creating Family Traditions Together

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When we think of family traditions, special occasions like Christmas, Eid Al-Fitr, and Diwali often spring to mind. Many family traditions are established at specific times of year and passed down from generation to generation.

But family traditions don’t have to be limited to ‘big’ occasions, birthdays, anniversaries or religious festivals. For some families, every Friday night might be takeaway night, where everyone presses ‘pause’ on their hectic schedules and sits down to enjoy a meal together. For others, it could be that Sundays are reserved for bracing family walks or bike rides out in the open air.

What’s important is the shared experience that binds family members together.

What is a family tradition?

Simply put, a family tradition is any activity, habit or pattern of behaviour that reflects your family’s values and beliefs. They can, of course, be religious or cultural in nature, but anything that builds a feeling of togetherness and unity can become a family tradition.

Some examples of family traditions are: making homemade gifts and cards for loved ones; sharing family recipes and meals; visiting particular locations on certain dates; creating a family gratitude journal; or setting up a regular family games night.

These traditions are more than just routines. Family traditions carry a special significance, whereas routines are more functional. The most successful traditions continue for generations, bringing young and old together and creating a wonderful feeling of continuity over the years.

Creating a sense of belonging


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