How to Enjoy a Family Christmas

family christmas child opening present with mum by the tree

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Suitable for: Parents with children of all ages

Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is fast approaching and families up and down the country are busily preparing for a visit from Father Christmas.

You’re on the hunt for the biggest turkey, you’ve scoured the shops for the best gifts, and you’re now counting down to the ‘Big Day’. Everything is going to be perfect!

It’s not all glitter and gifts…

However, despite what the sparkly Christmas adverts would have us believe, the Christmas period is not always full of festive cheer. Whilst it may seem lovely to have nothing to do and nowhere to be, the absence of routine can play havoc with children’s (and our) behaviour and emotions. Children can find themselves somewhat ‘lost’, not knowing how best to fill their time without the structure of the usual school day.

Then there’s the added financial stress of Christmas, made worse this year by the cost-of-living crisis. You’re having to watch the pennies like never before and this is having an enormous impact on what you can afford to buy. It can feel impossible having to make difficult decisions about food, drink and presents when your budget is stretched to breaking point.


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