How to Have a Great Start to Nursery

Happy child starting nursery in ball pit

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Suitable for: Families of younger children 

Starting nursery is an important milestone in your child’s life and can be an enormous change for both of you. You may feel worried about it, wondering how they’ll settle in, and how you’ll feel about leaving them. It may be your child’s first experience of being away from you, so it's no surprise you feel anxious.

Your children may feel uneasy about going, too. Often that can show as changes in their behaviour. Perhaps they're getting upset more easily than usual, having tantrums, or seem particularly clingy? These feelings and behaviours are completely natural.

Your child will soon adjust to starting nursery and there are lots of things you can do to make sure the change is as smooth as possible.  

Having a successful pre-visit

If possible, arrange to visit the nursery before your child actually starts, to help them become familiar with where to go and learn where important places are, like the toilets, where they have lunch, and the outside spaces.




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