Talking to Your Child’s Secondary School 

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Suitable for: Families of secondary-age children 

Having a good relationship with your child’s secondary school can help your child get the right support. As a parent, you have a lot to offer. You know your child best and can help everyone understand your child better. School staff can share how your child responds to rules and expectations in school and their academic progress.

You and your child's schools can be a powerful team. However, in secondary schools and further education settings, there may be fewer opportunities you to have conversations with school staff.

Some of the barriers to building a relationship with your child's school could be:


  • Secondary schools tend to be larger than primary schools, which makes it harder for each teacher to get to know each pupil, at least for the first few weeks of a new term. 

  • Not only do pupils have different teachers for each subject and sometimes more than one teacher for the same subject, they also have a form tutor responsible for pastoral support. 



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