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My Family Coach is a free website powered by Team Teach. We’re leading providers of Positive Behaviour Training in schools and Health and Social Care settings. 

With My Family Coach, your parents and carers are empowered with the information they need to understand behaviour that challenges. It’s full of helpful support for the families in your school and creates stronger links between school and home. All our resources are free for your families to enjoy.

20 Years of Award-Winning Training

Transforming 5,000 Settings

100,000+ Participants Trained Each Year

Positive Behaviour Support You Can Trust

The ideas and information we share are based on our twenty years of experience delivering award-winning Team Teach training to schools. 

We train over 100,000 teachers and school staff each year and our positive approach to behaviour has already transformed 5,000 schools in 7 different countries.

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The Behaviour Support Your Families Are Searching For

The internet is full of parenting ideas but it’s difficult to find reliable information you can trust and share with parents and carers. You want to support your families, but struggle with the limited time your teachers, support staff, SEND team, and Senior Leadership Team have available to help.

With My Family Coach, you have a website that covers all the popular parenting topics and common challenges your families are facing. You can relax knowing the information is reliable, practical, and in line with the positive behaviour strategies you use in class. It’s a simple and free support for your school.

How My Family Coach Can Help

Show OFSTED Your Commitment to Parental Engagement

We know behaviour doesn’t just happen at school. Parents and carers are looking for your support. My Family Coach is an opportunity to work together, creating a shared language and understanding of behaviour. It empowers parents and carers with the knowledge they need understand their child’s behaviour and gives them the skills to make positive changes. Both school and home benefit when everyone works together.  

My Family Coach is the perfect way to engage everyone in your school community without having to make tough decisions about expensive parenting programmes and courses. Every family can benefit from the practical and accessible information we share.  

Content mapped to Relationships, Sex, and Health Education (RSHE)

My Family Coach content is carefully mapped to the Department of Education’s statutory guidance for Relationships Education in KS1-2, Relationships and Sex Education in KS3-4, and Health Education for KS1-4. That makes it easier for you to find and share relevant resources with your families linked to the topics you’re teaching in school.

Popular Parenting Topics

Parents and carers have a variety of resources to choose from, matching every age and stage of development. We’ve mapped the resources suitable for primary schools and for secondary schools so you can see exactly which ones to recommend to your families.

Take the Next Step

Find out more about the ways My Family Coach can support the parents and carers in your school. We’ll share a welcome pack with you, including resources to help your families get started. Remember, it’s completely free for them to register and start enjoying everything My Family Coach has to offer.

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