Supporting Your Child’s Language Development

language development

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Suitable for: Families of younger children

Children learn how to communicate from their earliest days. Within the first few years of their lives, they begin to talk, and this communication provides the foundation needed for language development in later life. Parents and carers play a crucial role in this language development. Learning to talk happens naturally, but how you respond to your child’s attempts to communicate can help strengthen their communication skills.

When a young child’s language is developing, they might not always have the words to explain how they are feeling. Instead, they express themselves in other ways, such as through their behaviour. Some children may hit out or bite when they feel frustrated because we don’t understand what they’re trying to tell us.

When children are learning to speak, understand and communicate, they follow an expected series of milestones that happen at certain ages. Every child develops at their own rate and these should be seen as a rough guide rather than a strict list to work through. However, if you’re worried that your child is not reaching these developmental milestones, it’s important to seek professional help from your GP.


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